Day 16: Maisie Moffat

 I am enchanted by this creative’s (@maisiemoffatart on Instagram) magical photography and hey eye for detail: from the lighting and location down to the props, costume and makeup – her work is a wonder to behold.

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
My name is Maisie Moffat and I am a Fine Art Grad from Norwich University of the Arts, and in short I love to tell stories through photography. 

How did you develop your practice?
After studying a year of Model Design at Uni and them switching to Fine Art I was pretty lost as to which direction I wanted my practice to take but after a lot of experimentation I found myself circling back to something I had done at school, creating characters and photographing them. There is something magical about bringing characters and places to life and I hope that someday and somehow I can develop it into a career! 

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
I am constantly inspired by a combination of folklore, fairytales and the natural world. I hope that by creating and building physical props and costumes to use in my photography, rather than relying on editing and composites I am able to bring a little bit of their magic back into our reality.

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
To me being a creative feminist is really about championing and supporting all creatives regardless of gender or any other dividing factor. It’s hard enough to make a living in the creative world as it, we should all be building each other up not competing.

Please give Maisie a wonderfully warm welcome to the community by following her page @maisiemoffatart on Instagram and by commenting your thoughts below! I am so delighted to have Maisie onboard and share her incredible narrative photography with you all.

If you would like to commission Maisie’s photography or work with her on a project please get in contact by direct messaging her on Instagram.

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