Day 17: Olivia Tinker

I am incredibly excited to introduce today’s creative (@olivialilytinker on Instagram) to you all because her practice, artwork and art market wizardry are all a huge inspiration to me!

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
I’m Liv Tinker! An interior stylist, artist and organiser of @asouthlondonmakersmarket !

How did you develop your practice?
I went freelance at the end of last year and have been really developing my personal style. I love to experiment with marble and oil pastels – anything that creates bold and vibrant colours.

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
I’m inspired by the zodiac, I have a particular book that I always refer back to and I’m learning to read tarot! I’m inspired by a visit to st Mary’s basilica in Kraków , the symbolism and colours inside the church were incredible. I always look back at photos. I love my practice because I don’t take anything I do too seriously! It’s all fun and happiness here.

What does it mean to you to be a creative femininist?
Being a creative feminist means just being able to create whatever I want! And feeling confident to put it out in to the world.

So please give Liv a wonderfully warm welcome to our community by following her page on Instagram @olivialilytinker & the market’s page @asouthlondonmakersmarket and by commenting your thoughts below! I love seeing your zodiac inspiration seep into your work Liv and I’m so delighted to have you onboard! 

If you are interested in purchasing any of Liv’s featured artwork below or would like to commission a piece of Liv’s work please direct message her via Instagram.

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