Day 24: Black Out Tuesday

Today I will not be uploading a Creative Feminist to show my solidarity with the black community across the world. I recognise the incredibly important and pressing need for change and to speak out against all forms of racism and discrimination after the horrendous murder of George Floyd.

Many of us have much to learn and I am using this time to do this very necessary work, so below I have included some images taken from a really important and informative post by Mireille Harper.

You can also donate to The Black Curriculum, which “wants to see Black British histories being taught from reception to A Levels across the entire national curriculum, in a mandatory way”.
Their aims are simple and VERY important:

1. To provide a sense of belonging and identity to young people across the UK.
2. To teach an accessible educational Black British history curriculum that raises attainment for young people.
3. To improve social cohesion between young people in the UK.

You can donate to The Black Curriculum HERE.

You can donate to George Floyd Memorial Fund HERE.

Thank you.

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