Day 25: Ania Hobson

I remember seeing today’s creative’s ‘A Portrait of two Female Sitters’ in 2018 at The @nationalportraitgallery when she won the BP Young Artist Award and I was totally mesmerised. The figurative style of painting, the badass women depicted, the delicious use of colour; I wanted to be IN the painting. So it is such a dream to welcome @ania_hobson to our community. 

Please may you introduce yourself.
I’m Ania Hobson (@ania_hobson on Instagram), a figurative painter. I work with oils and paint the people who are close to me or characters that I have created myself. I stretch and prime my own canvases. There is something really satisfying with putting together and stretching the canvases, for me it’s all part of the build up in making the painting and getting to know what you’re working with, this is a really important part of the process for me. 

How did you develop your practice?
If I ever hit a block with my work I take a step back, I take this as a sign that I need to do more research and expose myself to new things to feel inspired. I don’t ‘look’ for it I just live my life and let situations grab my attention. Each time I do this I feel there’s a change in my work, I never like to force anything different, I prefer to make these changes naturally and keep my work at ease and keep it in common with myself. Being locked away in a studio is draining sometimes, in order to paint I need to feed my brain as well.

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
Overtime we develop as people and I feel like new experiences and life’s challenges are what inspire me, seeing things in a different way and learning new things has a massive impact on my work. I’m finding more and more of my emotions and experiences are seeping into my paintings. I don’t look for ‘perfection’ in my figures, I like to exaggerate them, almost distorting them as if you were to see someone you know in a dream, they never fully look like how you know them, I enjoy taking my characters away from realism and creating this distorted abstract view on them.

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
I feel proud to be a creative feminist, I thank the women who marched the streets to give us the right to vote, the women who fought for us to get to where we are now. I’m proud to be in this growing wave of women doing what they love. This has had a massive impact on my work, painting women on big canvases that override myself, in big boots and with hard emotional stares you can’t read. I want people to feel they can relate to my work or recognise the emotions, feeling like they have just walked into the situation themselves.

I absolutely love how Ania wants her viewers to associate with her sitters, because as I mentioned above, this is the exact feeling I had when I first saw her work. Ania’s figurative style lends itself to this sense of relatability. So please do show Ania some love by following her page on Instagram – @ania_hobson, and by commenting your thoughts below! It’s such a pleasure to have you onboard Ania.

If you would like to commission a piece of work by Ania or work with her on a project please direct message her via Instagram.

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