Day 36: Sophia Dembitzer

I am in awe of the skill, care and personal fingerprint that today’s creative (@soph__dem on Instagram) stamps upon her utterly beautiful portraits. Having worked at the @nationalportraitgallery for the last year, I like to think I know a special portrait artist when I see one, so it’s such a joy to welcome Sophia to the fem fam. 

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
My name is Sophia Dembitzer (@soph__dem) and I am an artist, specialising in oil painting and portraits. 

How did you develop your practice?
I did art at school and always loved oil painting but kind of abandoned it for a few years. Then I started sketching portraits again at uni and rediscovered my love for it. Since then, I’ve just kept exploring, finding what I’m good at and what feels authentic to my style. 

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
I’m inspired by portrait photography and faces that I find interesting and beautiful. Sometimes I’ll find a photo of someone and I’ll just know I need to paint it. I’m also really inspired by other portrait and oil painting artists. I think there’s something special and unique about the expression created by brushstrokes and textures. 

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
To me, being a creative feminist means being bold and unapologetic about my work, as well as supporting and championing other women-identifying creatives.

I love the way that Sophia describes how expression and personality can be achieved through varying brushstrokes and textures; this love and attention to detail in the application of the paint shines out of Sophia’s work. With this in mind, please give Sophia an incredibly warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page on Instagram – @soph__dem and by commenting your thoughts below; we are so delighted to have you Sophia.

If you would like to commission a piece of work by Sophia like those featured below or work with Sophia on a project please direct message her via Instagram.

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