Day 39: Rosie Young

I LOVE how today’s creative (@shadysp1ce on Instagram) came to photography through her granddad’s camera – how the camera carried a creative gift from him to her, even though she never met him. 

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
Hi! My name is Rosie Young (@shadysp1ce) and I’m a History of Art graduate, interested in 35mm film photography.

How did you develop your practice?
I’ve always loved taking portraits but started using film when my Dad rediscovered his dad’s Asahi Pentax in the basement. I didn’t get the chance to meet my grandfather so I knew that using his camera would be special. My first photos were completely unfocused and washed out. It took a while to get the hang of how to use the camera properly, but I knew straight away it was something I wanted to pursue. I’ve recently started developing my negatives at home which is an exciting process.

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
Film photography is an exciting process that has taught me to be more mindful of the photographs I take. Unlike digital, you have to be more selective as there are limited shots per roll of film. 
There are so many reasons why I love photography: choosing the location, framing the shot, and experimenting with lighting. One of my favourite aspects of photography is interacting with the model, putting them at ease, and directing them to get the most out of the shoot.

One of the first photographers that inspired me was Cindy Sherman. Her Untitled Film Stills series created countless stories of glamour and suspense, Sherman both behind and in front of the lens. I want to explore this with my own sitters with costumes and backdrops.
After discovering her work at Tate Britain last year, a current inspiration is Markéta Luskačová. Her photography is an amazing document of life in Britain and Slovakia in the 1970s.

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
It’s important to acknowledge the historic male domination of the arts and challenge the lack of women artists’ inclusion in galleries and exhibitions today. I started my photography to celebrate my female friends. I know so many talented women – actresses, artists, mathematicians… and I want to continue celebrating them in my work.

It is apt that Rosie mentions the underrepresentation of women artists in galleries today as I truly believe that Rosie’s photography is doing the necessary work to showcase not only her own breathtaking work, but to also celebrate other women artists in her photographs too. I am utterly in awe of Rosie’s hard work and gift for taking beautiful film photographs of her sitters and I just want to cover my walls in her work. Please give Rosie the warm welcome she wholeheartedly deserves by following her page on Instagram @shadysp1ce and by commenting your love and thoughts below. It’s such an honour to have you join the fem fam Rosie, your work is a gift to us all.

If you would like to work with Rosie on a project please direct message her via Instagram.

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