Day 41: Ben Green

I’ve not known Ben (@bengreenphotography on Instagram) for very long, but in this time, I’ve quickly learnt what a great friend, an endless source of inspiration and an incredibly kind and loving person he is; these are all characteristics of what it means to be a creative feminist.

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing community, let me introduce myself. I’m Ben from @bengreenphotography, I’m 35 and I’m a Landscape Photographer based in Norfolk.

How did you develop your practice?
This always makes me chuckle, 7 years ago on June 1st I found myself recently single, very glum and feeling a tad sorry for myself. A photographer friend offered to take me to the beach, we would arrive for the 04:30am sunset and he told me to bring any camera I could find. So I borrowed my Mum’s camera and headed to Southwold, blurry eyed, with zero expectations. Luckily it was an amazing sunrise and somehow I fumbled my way to taking some passable shots which I posted on Facebook, within hours someone wanted to purchase the shot and so it began. From then on, I taught myself as much as possible before running free workshops for the @London official IG page, we used to get upwards of 200 people and so I forged some friendships with talented photographers who helped me on the journey. My Instagram page grew (back in the good old days pre algorithm) and I was fortune enough to get some commissions and travel along the way.

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
The actual production of the photos for me is secondary to being awake and up at the start of a new day. There’s something energising about being on the beach at a crazy time, with no footprints in the sand and watching the colours develop in the sky pre-sunrise. If it’s not a beach then it’s standing on top of a huge waterfall listening to it thunder down and thinking how fortunate you are to be able to sit or stand there and admire the planets creation and natural beauty. It’s really important to embrace the scene and not just snap away and miss all the goodness.
So I guess ultimately it’s a sense of discovery and individuality in each moment that inspires me the most, that and being able to share parts of the world with people from many countries. 

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by amazing female landscape photographers along my journey. @veritymilligan, @alexahope and @aladyinlondon have been champions for bringing together photographers from all backgrounds, regardless of gender or genre. They have been great inspirations to me over the years and we have found each other through the community that has been built to support one another. For me, I feel it’s our job to keep building this community and championing each others’ work now more so than ever irrespective of what our backgrounds are. We have seen the important messages that social media can relay especially over the last few weeks and it’s our duty to ensure that we continue to push forwards to bridge the gaps of inequality in society by sharing these message with our supporters on such platforms as this.

Ben has a beautiful outlook on the world, which shines through his honest responses and graces his utterly breathtaking photographs. I am transported to the quiet of the sea or the magic of the stars every time I look at Ben’s work and this gift for capturing the earth in all its glory is really special. I feel so honoured to welcome Ben to the fam fam so please show him a warm welcome by following his page @bengreenphotography and commenting your thoughts and love below! Thank you for sharing your work and words with us Ben, the fem fam are so glad to have you join us.

If you would like to commission photography by Ben or work with him on a project please direct message him via Instagram.

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