Day 42: Daisy Clarke

Today we have an incredibly special creative feminist (@daisyclarkoart on Instagram) and I am so overjoyed to introduce her to you all. At only 10 years old, Daisy is our youngest member of the fem fam, but my word can she hold her own; skill, beauty and a clear love for creating shines out of utterly stunning artwork. So please give Daisy an incredibly warm welcome to the community.

My name is Daisy Disaya Clarke. I’m 10 years old. Now I’m in year 5 in a Primary School in East Sussex and I’m an Art Ambassador at my school. I would like to share some of my artwork with you. 
I love art because I love drawing, painting and generally creating things. It makes me happy and relaxed. When I am older, I would like to pursue a career in a creative field, perhaps in fashion design.

I admire Frida Kahlo because she had so many problems and difficulties in her life but she never gave up. I find her stories very empowering. I also love Vivienne Westwood because she created a fun and rebellious fashion!

I love every kind of art but my favourite art form is painting because you can use different colours and techniques.

I like visiting art galleries and museums with my mummy and gain much inspiration from these visits. Nature really inspires me and has an influence on the style of my art. I love the changing colours of the different seasons. I am also inspired by artists from seeing their beautiful artworks.

Daisy’s words are as beautiful and personal as her wonderful art. I cannot get over the skill and care that Daisy has mastered in her artwork at such a young age; what an inspiration to us all. Please show Daisy lots of love by following her page @daisyclarkoart and by commenting your thoughts below! The Creative Feminist community is welcome to all ages, backgrounds and creatives, so I’m thrilled to showcase and celebrate such a young talented artist! Keep up the good work Daisy; we’re all huge fans!

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