Day 46: Titilayo Adebayo

Today’s creative feminist’s (@layyooo2 on Instagram) work goes beyond the describable and narratable, it is something you feel deep within you every time you look at their work/healing/movement. 

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
Hey. I’m Titilayo Adebayo (@layyooo2), I’m non-binary and a creative. Currently I’m at a stage where I’m questioning what it means to be an artist. I don’t identify as an artist or a dancer. I work predominantly with movement practices, mediation and alignment. My creative practice works towards encouraging people to go inward and to ask more questions as opposed to offering answers. 

How did you develop your practice?
I always loved moving. I studied musical theatre at college, then went to study dance research at university. My practice has developed organically. At first I used dance/movement as a method for healing. Eventually I started to realise I was developing a practice and movement style on my own. After graduating I started freelancing, which lead to me dancing and touring internationally with acclaimed choreographers. Now I currently live and work in Zurich, where I’m part of the Schaupeilhaus theatre ensemble.

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
I’m inspired by the small things. The sun, the moon, the fact that I am still alive. Life has thrown many obstacles and I’m just grateful to still be doing what I love and loving what I do. I also find inspiration through family, friends and the people I work closely with. I love my practice because it contributes to my daily life. It’s a tool to help me but also inspires others to move, which makes me feel fulfilled. I love that my practice is enjoyable and allows me space to express myself through other outlets.

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
For me, being a creative feminist means to question what it means to be a feminist in the first place. It means to revisit the history of feminism and the impact it makes in our reality today. I feel feminism is a space which allows the uncomfortable to happen. I feel above feminism is about uncovering the secrets of femininity. To allow feminine energy to speak its unfiltered truth. However, to also be wary that not every womxns truth is the same.

In the short space of time I’ve known Titilayo, I’ve been entranced by their incredible healing practice. Titilayo teaches us the value of movement as healing, in whatever way suits you. It doesn’t have to be a specific form of dance or yoga, just the sheer act of movement is powerful in itself. Titilayo speaks so much truth and it’s such a pleasure to welcome them to the fem fam right now, as they have just released a new inspirational project on their page @layyooo2, so please check it out and show them so love by following Titilayo and commenting your thoughts and love below! 

If you would like to work with Titilayo on a project please direct message them via Instagram.

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