Day 52: House of Tari

Today we are very lucky to celebrate not one, but TWO amazing creative feminists (@houseoftari_designs on Instagram), as mother and daughter dream team House of Tari share their bursting with colour, co-created designs! 

Please may you introduce yourself and your practice.
Hello! We are Tere (@nomadat50) and Ari (@keeperfilms), mum and daughter duo from Sydney, Australia. We both have our own creative small businesses as a copywriter and filmmaker respectively but we recently put our left brains together to come up with House of Tari, where we hand paint and then digitize our designs. So far, we’ve been loving making uniquely themed patterns that add a little colour and brightness to people’s homes and lives.

How did you develop your practice?
We’ve always loved painting and would do it together as a creative outlet. During the pandemic, both our businesses took a hit and we were reacquainted with how mindful and peaceful it can be. We wanted a no-pressure activity and it’s been lovely!

What inspires you and why do you love your practice?
Everything inspires us! Tere is originally from Barcelona and speaks 6 languages and Ari is half Spanish, half Malaysian and has travelled all over the world, so different places and cultures are hugely inspiring to us. Plus – nature, cinema, art, friendship, love, creativity, the big picture questions! 

What does it mean to you to be a creative feminist?
To us, it means expressing ourselves to our fullest capacity, dreaming and thinking big, even if society says we can’t or shouldn’t. It means trying not to buy into hustle culture and valuing our health and worth over likes or dollars. And it means actively supporting other women and people of all genders to feel free to do the same!

I absolutely love Tere and Ari’s incredible creative ethos, which is centred around dreaming and creating big whilst also remembering to value self-worth and care above capitalist structures! Please show this inspirational mother and daughter dynamic duo lots of love by following their pages on Instagram – @houseoftari_designs @keeperfilms @nomadat50 and commenting your thoughts below! It gives me SO MUCH pleasure to welcome this beautiful family into our fem fam.

If you would like to work with House of Tari on a project or purchase some of their beautiful work you can do so via visiting their Instagram page HERE.

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