Day 62: Raymond Lai

Today’s creative feminist (@knnchw.r.lai) has such a beautiful and sensitive eye for catching those very special and human, quiet moments. Whether it be the grocer stocking their veg stall or a best friend checking their texts; Ray celebrates the moments we can sometime overlook and forget.

1. Hi I’m Ray (@knnchw.r.lai), a hobbyist photographer using my iphone and point and shoot camera!

2. Essentially I started using photography as a means to capture moments and memories before I forgot them! To that end, when I studied abroad during university I started an instagram account to document the new experiences. Recently the visual diary theme is broken down to: encounters in my daily life, travel pictures, and pics of my friends (at their expense!), and definitely not in chronological order.

3. For some reason or another, I think I’m drawn to the more mundane things that happen on the daily. I might prefer taking a picture of someone wearing a comfy outfit looking at their phone vs the street performer doing some amazing feat next to them. Street photography as a format for capturing natural candid moments as a fly on the wall is something I try to imitate.

4. Being a creative feminist to me, means using your personal experiences to inform your work and being uncompromising in sharing your perspective.

I absolutely love how Ray is drawn to the mundane as opposed to the extraordinary because, like Hugh Grant says in the opening of Love Actually, love really is all around and sometimes we need creatives like Ray (and Richard Curtis) to remind us of this. I think it’s important to pause and drink in the personal and intimate nature of Ray’s photography, I love nothing more than a photographer capturing special moments with their friends and loved ones. So please give Ray a super welcome to the fem fam by following his page and by commenting your love for his incredible work and words below. Thank you sharing these quiet moments with us Ray.

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