Day 61: Laura Breitfield

DAY 61: Creativity runs deep within today’s creative feminist’s (@lbreitfeld) soul and DNA; this love and support to be creative from a young age has given Laura the most beautiful lens to look out through into the world.

1. Hello! My name is Laura (@lbreitfeld). I’m from Madrid where I’m currently living and working. I studied Design at Complutense University of Madrid, specializing in Graphic Design and Illustration. I totally believe that these two fields could be applied to so many areas and working together can build beautiful and inspiring things. So, as my work is now centred in editorial, marketing and content creation, I try to make eye-catching designs to seek a creative response.

2. I think I’ve always been a designer. As far as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by colour pencils, markers, brushes… drawing and planning fictitious magazines, cardboard computers or costume jewelry. Creating is in my veins. And so I thank my parents who showed me the creative side of living. My father was a photographer and my mother used to work in advertising for an architecture magazine; they took my sister and I to travel the world with them. So, all of these circumstances developed my vocation.

3. The thing that inspires me the most is travelling; getting in touch with different cultures and different ways to understand what life is. I love observing nature and how different it is depending on the place you are and how people act with it. Sometimes I feel like we’ve lost respect for nature, especially in big cities like Madrid. So, I make an effort to transmit this fact in my artworks. As traveling is not always possible, I also try to read as much as I can.

4. When I was studying at university, most of the students where girls. Many of us wonder why women don’t take Design to an advanced level and take up leader positions. Fortunately, I want to believe that many countries are changing this, and as always, Spain tends to run slightly behind the pace. One way to modify this is to start learning to argumentate, to let society know the powerful things we have to say and showcase our talents (for instance, with this great Instagram initiative!)

I am so thankful to Laura for sharing her personal journey with her family, which has led her to be the incredible artist she is today. From the adventures she went on with her family as a child, to the support and inspiration she has received from her parents; these experiences have influenced and inspired the beautiful illustrations we celebrate here today. Please give Laura and her wonderful work a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @lbreitfeld and by commenting your thoughts below! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us Laura.

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