Day 63: The Stylist Illustrates

I am so thankful to today’s creative feminist (@thestylistillustrates) for sharing her story with us of the crippling and overwhelming powers of imposter syndrome. I am so incredibly thankful that Nikki pushed passed this feeling, which I’m sure so many of us have felt (myself included), and shares her incredible illustrations with us all.

1. Hi, my name is Nikki or @thestylistillustrates. I live and work in London but I’m originally from the Midlands. I’m a visual stylist and illustrator.

2. I have always drawn from a really young age. This led to a degree in Fashion Illustration at LCF. I felt so much pressure during my degree to do great that afterwards I suffered huge imposters syndrome and thought my work wasn’t good enough to do anything with (this was despite being showcased by the university and being offered Illustration work). So, I didn’t open my ink for quite a few years. Last year- I’m not sure why, perhaps through approaching older age- I just thought bugger it! Now I draw whatever I like and I enjoy doing it. I wasted so much time worrying- I don’t want to waste anymore time holding myself back or caring what people think.

3. I’m pretty basic in terms of inspiration- I get inspired by beautiful things (new & old). I’m a maximalist so I’m naturally drawn to pattern, colour & design that’s extraordinary.  You can really see my taste in my subjects. Illustrating is therapy to me, it’s relaxing and (for a naturally shy/awkward person) it has always been a great way to express myself.

4. Being a creative feminist for me is about empowering yourself and others to create. I want to be a part of a community that can empower people (men and women) to create without intimidation and expectations from the outside world and themselves. Create whatever you want and do it for yourself! If I could have found this community when I had just finished University, maybe I wouldn’t have given up on myself for so long.

It gives me so much strength to read Nikki’s story and know that communities like this, empower creators to make without intimidation. Your work is so beautiful and empowering in and of itself Nikki. From the surface, I would have never known that Nikki had doubts about her own work because in my eyes (and many others) it’s so utterly beautiful, so I’m so thankful to Nikki for being so honest with us all. I have learnt so much by reading Nikki’s story. Please show Nikki the love she deserves by following her page @thestylistillustrates and by commenting your thoughts below. On behalf of the community, thank you Nikki.

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