Day 64: Ben Wardle

I’ve known today’s creative feminist (@benwardle.fineart) for a few years now and not only does he create the most beautiful, abstract landscapes, which force us to question how we connect with our surroundings, but he’s always game to participate in my creative endeavours and has been a huge support to me; for which I am eternally grateful.

1. I’m Ben Wardle (@benwardle.fineart), an East Anglian landscape painter based near Snape in Suffolk.

2. My parents were both creative, my father a full time artist and my mother made and sold embroidery, knitwear and crochet. I’ve always painted and started out drawing and painting animals for friends and family. This developed into regular pet portrait commissions. I wanted to explore my practice further so completed an MA in Fine Art a few years ago. I exhibit my landscapes 4 or 5 times a year. I currently have 9 paintings in the online ‘Art For Cure’ exhibition, which helps fund breast cancer research.

3. I have run a stables on the Sandlings in Westleton for the last 20 years. I spend my days exploring Dunwich Forest and the surrounding farmland on horseback; my landscapes reflect not only what I see but how I feel when I am part of those landscapes. I am interested in our emotional connection with our rural areas and how we feel about our ever declining wild spaces.

4; My mother always encouraged me to pursue what I love and not to care what people thought (pretty forward thinking of her in the late 70’s!) I have always done that and have never felt the need to conform to traditional male stereotypes. I think that opportunities will arise for people regardless of their gender if they are prepared to work hard, be committed and take responsibility as they progress through life. I always tell my 7yo daughter that I will be happy if she always try her hardest. My job is to encourage her to find her passion and then give her the tools to be able to cope with life’s pitfalls whilst she follows that passion.

As a fellow Suffolk dweller myself, I am fascinated with the way in which Ben’s landscapes provide us with an alternative lens to look at our surrounding environments. Each painting is an abundance of natural beauty, drawing our eye back time and time again. Yet they don’t just appreciate the beauty, they make us feel a part of it, placing us in the heart of the landscape so we feel the brush of the wild flowers against our skin or the salty taste of the sea air. So it’s a delight to welcome Ben to our community, please give Ben a warm welcome by following his page @benwardle.fineart and by commenting your thoughts below! 

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