Day 65: Madeleine Gross

It’s a complete honour to introduce today’s creative feminist (@madeleinegross) to you all, as I’ve been in awe of Madeleine’s breathtaking artwork for many moons now. The combination of the hyper-realistic photographs with the fluid and organic brushstrokes creates a dream-like image that highlights nature’s incredible colour palette and magnificent beauty.

1. Hi, my name is Madeleine Gross (@madeleinegross) and I’m a mixed media artist, I take photos and use them as a canvas.

2. I kept working at it even when I would be rejected by galleries, art fairs etc. I continued to invest in my work and myself no matter what. Taking the time to practice new techniques and find myself through work. Things take time and are so worth it, I still have a long way to go and so much to learn but I’m enjoying the journey and all the amazing people; artists, collectors, curators I’ve met. I’m grateful for it all and I don’t take it for granted.

3. I’m inspired by nature, women and the female form, roaming the city streets, depictions of oceans and skies are also common subjects of my work. The world is obviously a very different place these days and I can’t take my usual photographs. Recently, I’ve been only shooting nature, which I love. I wake up at sunrise and its my favourite time to shoot. No sunrise is the same. In my work, I’m trying to create new narratives by adding abstraction and layers of paint; I want my viewer to be taken into the setting. To emulate an immersive reality for viewers and induce the sensation of actually being there just by looking. I love creating these pieces because it takes me out of my head and my pain for a moment, I get to daydream and create. Hopefully it does the same for my viewers and collectors who put it up on their wall, I love hearing that I’ve inspired them to create too.

4. Some of my painted photographs are self portraits, some may be provocative and its way to express myself and my sexuality, I find it very empowering. As a creative feminist, I think it’s important to support and inspire other women to express themselves through art and use their voice. To fight for justice and equality for all women. I have been trying to educate myself more on these matters and put it into my new work.

I love how Madeleine’s practice is driven by the feelings she wants to inspires in her viewers and she certainly achieves the sensation of relaxation when we gaze at a sunset, sunrise or beachy moment. I’m also totally inspired by Madeleine’s want to use art as a platform to project our voices, this notion is steeped in political and artistic tradition and one that has been used by activists for a wide variety of purposes to powerful effect. So, please give Madeleine a wonderfully warm welcome by following her page @madeleinegross and by commenting your love below! It’s such a pleasure to welcome you to our fem fam Madeleine.

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