Day 66: Lennie Beare

It is really beautiful to learn how today’s creative feminist (@lenniebeare) takes great inspiration from the act of making itself. This is something we can all learn a lot from. I think this love and appreciation for her craft is evident in the natural, modern forms that Lennie creates, each piece is striking and bold whilst simultaneously soft and organic.

1. Hi, I’m Lennie Beare (@lenniebeare) and I hand make easy to wear contemporary silver jewellery in my studio in Norwich.

2. Most of my skills were learnt while studying 3D Design and Craft at The University of Brighton. The course is really diverse, learning and working with lots of different materials; I focused on small metals in my final year. A year after graduating I set up my jewellery business at home and have since moved to a lovely studio space in the city, where I’ve been for nearly 3 years.

3. The act of making inspires me, the lines and marks created by the hand that dictate the final outcome. My jewellery has an organic feel with wobbly lines and no two pieces are the same.

4. I wouldn’t say feminism has a direct impact on my creative practice; I’m a feminist, who is creative. I’ve grown up with strong women in my life and live and work with strong women, so it seems natural to believe that women are equal to men and to be surrounded by like minded people who agree, maybe I take that for granted.

Leaning into the process and allowing yourself to be process-led, like in Lennie’s case, as opposed to having strict preconceived and somewhat critical ideas, is a really freeing way to create. I love how Lennie lets her designs evolve out of the happy and unforeseen marks, which occur when you make by hand. There is something so intimate and binding about this way of creating, the person and product become entangled and interwoven. Please show the incredible Lennie a big welcome to our community by following her page @lenniebeare and by commenting your love below! It’s such an honour to learn more about your practice Lennie, it feels like you’ve shared an insight with us into the intimate relationship you share with your craft for which we are so thankful.

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