Day 67: Nicole

I am so unbelievably excited to share today’s creative feminist (@meloninn_) with you all. Nicole’s amazing artwork is so incredibly beautiful whilst also sending important, urgent and educational messages out into the world.

1. Hi! I’m Nicole (@meloninn_), I’m a black woman with a BFA in graphic design! 🙂 I currently work at a top Ad Agency as a freelance Digital Designer.

2. I have been doing this since I was 12. I bought my first Wacom Tablet and have never stopped learning. I was 15 when my art teacher told me about graphic design, I did research into it and thought it’d be a good fit!

3. Black womxn are a huge motivator for me. I know that may sound odd, however, I feel like there needs to be greater representation of black womxn in design. I also feel that our voices need to be heard. That will not happen if we do not use our skills to attract an audience and make them listen to our struggles and heartaches.

4. I think what we forget about feminism, is that we ALL want equality. I’m hear to spread that message with my illustrations, but with a stronger focus on black womxn and womxn of color.

Nicole’s illustrations are as beautiful as they are necessary; pieces are carefully crafted to remind us of the struggles faced by black womxn that urgently need to be addressed. Nicole also works to represent and celebrate incredible fellow artists. Nicole is doing such important work by creating these illustrations and it reminds us that feminism NEEDS to be intersectional – we should be working towards equality for ALL. Thank you for spreading this important message Nicole and for empowering so many incredible artists. Please give Nicole the warm welcome she deserves by following her page @meloninn_ and by commenting your love below. It’s such a pleasure to welcome you into our community Nicole.

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