Day 68: Luke Ripley

There is such humanity in today’s creative feminist’s (@lukeripley_) work. Each film tells a unique story, which evokes an essence not just of the beautiful scenery in the shots, but of the personality and narrative of the individual being filmed. This natural ability to create texture and humanity in his films, is what, in my opinion, makes Luke a remarkable filmmaker.

1. Hey, my name is Luke Ripley (@lukeripley_) and I am a Freelance Filmmaker based in Bristol. From a young age, I was always fascinated with cameras, so as soon as I got the opportunity I turned my hobby into my job and haven’t looked back since.

2. SHOOT, EDIT, REPEAT! At 17, I was lucky enough to be enrolled in a film house as an intern in the city of Brighton. I worked my way up to Junior Film Maker. This involved lots of donkey work, however, it gave me the skills I still use today. Growing up, I became more organised and focused as a creator. Working on jobs around the world gave me a sense of community, yet I had a guilty conscience about how much travelling I was doing, which is why I’m now making a conscious effort to turn my attention more to filming and documenting conservation work.

3. Inspiration is everywhere for me, but mostly it comes from my peers and other creators. For me, it’s the fact you can tell a story in any way you want to – powerful stories. Thats what I love about my practice.

4. For me, I always try to create with a feminist perspective. I enjoy working with a wide variety of creatives, from all backgrounds, project to project and I’m proud of that. I would say that in my own perspective the film industry is still male-dominated, however, I’m pleased to see a rise in females on set especially in leading roles. AND I’M FOR IT!

Each film that Luke creates is different and changing yet what they all have in common is this fine tuning to capture the uniqueness of the individual being filmed. The personality and nature of the person being shot is evident in the use of colour, sound, light and so much more. From what I gather, this eye for personal detail is born out of not just a love for film, but a love for people too.

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