Day 69: Katie Tinkler

I am so overwhelming excited to share today’s creative feminist (@katietinklerillustration) with you all. As a huge foodie myself, I absolutely love how Katie envelopes the close and fond relationship many of us share with our favourite dishes into her fabulous artwork. Sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful than fish and chips and Katie’s work celebrates this feeling in the most beautiful way.

1. I’m Katie from @katietinklerillustration and I create digitally drawn illustrations of everyday items. I tend to focus my work around food and drink, as that’s something we all know so well!

2. Pre virus lockdown, I was a scenic artist for 6 years, painting decorative murals and paint finishes for interior designers and private clients. This was all put on pause by the lockdown, and so I decided to give digital illustration a whirl! I’d just recently purchased my Apple Pencil, but hadn’t really given it much practise. I now draw pretty much all day everyday, and am really enjoying the new style of creating – digital is very new to me (I was a bit of a technophobe before this!)

3. I really enjoy drawing food and drink as it’s something that is so recognisable to us all, and the colours in food is often so bright and beautiful. I’ve found that so many of us hold nostalgic memories within food, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing about it when people purchase my work.

4. My scenic artwork tends to involve working in very male dominated environments, such as workshops and construction sites. This has enforced the feminist within me to be confident within myself and my skills. I used to refuse to let anyone help me carry my ladders as I was so determined to ‘prove myself’ amongst the men, but I’ve realised now it’s all about a balance and seeing the equality amongst us all. I’ve come across so many strong, skilled, influential women whilst starting up my business recently and it is so inspiring.

I believe that Katie’s illustrations hit on something really special as they emphasise the particular nostalgic aspects of certain foods that we all love so much. Like the gooeyness of melted cheese in a toastie or the smoothness of syrup on pancakes; Katie’s illustrations bring this love for treats to life and the incredible memories that accompany them! It’s also incredible to learn about Katie’s journey in the male dominated world of scenic art; keep doing this incredible work! So please give Katie the deliciously fabulous welcome to the community she deserves by following her page @katietinklerillustration and commenting your love below! It’s so incredible to learn more about you and your mouthwatering illustrations Katie! 

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