Day 72: Roberta Antonelli

Today’s creative feminist’s (@bertie.antonelli) interest and understanding for reading an individual’s feelings and worries creates such intimacy and personality in her beautiful illustrations. I’m so thankful to Roberta for sharing her own story and relationship with drawing, which is one that transcends social norms and frees the artist to express her feelings about the world they see around them.

1. Hi, I’m Roberta Antonelli (@bertie.antonelli). I’m an illustrator currently living in Turin, Italy. I create digital and traditional illustrations and most of all I paint/draw people. I fill my sketchbook while watching tv or sitting in the park, even when I am at the bar, alone, drinking a beer or having a glass of wine. When I can pick a subject, I choose people I admire, that’s why I did a series about feminists writers.

2. I was really shy as a kid, talking wasn’t really my thing, so I started drawing. During kindergarten, drawing was the only thing I could do to avoid contact with other kids. I remember sometimes they were curious about what I was drawing (usually horses, and they were horrible by the way) and I can still feel the embarrassment of those moments.

3. Creativity makes me feel stronger. I like to consider myself as a pretty confident person, but I always felt gloomier than others; it’s pretty difficult to hide your mood. I am definitely inspired by those feelings. You can understand all sorts of things about people by looking at them, reading the gestures and the expressions with no criticism, trying to understand their burdens. And I try to draw that. Actually it’s pretty simple.

4. Being a creative feminist is all about awareness, being conscious about yourself and your community. If you’re receptive about society, you read enough and you’ve got the right share of empathy, you’re on the right track. There can’t be an elite, we’re all this together. That’s why this project has a meaning: it’s not about being successfull and unique, this is about community and sharing. So thank you for asking me to participate.

I absolutely love Roberta’s definition of what it means to be a creative feminist and there are so many important words we need to take away from this. I’d like to highlight a few: awareness, conscious, community, empathy and meaning. All 5 of these words are at the heart of intersectional feminism and what this community is built on and so I’m delighted and grateful to welcome the incredible Roberta into our fem fam. Please give Roberta the warm welcome she deserves by following her page @bertie.antonelli and by commenting your thoughts and love below. We see you too Roberta and we are so thankful for you and your incredible artwork.

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