Day 74: Lin Calle

Today’s creative feminist (@lin.calle) teaches us the power of creativity as meditation. Lin’s method of using her practice as a means to express feelings beyond the realms of language is so deeply profound and this act of creative meditation is present in the sensitive colour choices made in her artwork.

1. Hello, my name is Lin Calle (@lin.calle) and I’m a Spanish painter based in Madrid.

2. I graduated in Fine Arts from Complutense University of Madrid, specializing in painting, drawing and printmaking.
I was born in China but moved to Spain when I was four. I have been drawing since then.

3. I’m deeply inspired by Asian philosophies and the profound observation of nature. What I love the most about my practice is the possibility of reflecting on feelings or emotions that can not be expressed with words, since language can not shape everything we see or feel. For me, the creative process is like meditation.

4. I think that being a woman and a painter is already a feminist act since there is a lot of women artists that have been left out of art history and there is still a big gap between the number of women represented in art fairs and in public or private collections. Nevertheless, when I paint I do no paint as a woman, or as a Spanish or Chinese painter. I just paint and let things flow naturally. Art is so powerful because it conveys universal feelings.

I love how Lin does away with somewhat exclusive and confining terms (woman artist/ spanish artist/ chinese painter) and instead uses her work and practice as a means to include us and share accessible feelings and emotions. This is something that I think really chimes into my own beliefs about artists who are womxn, as so often we have to explain our practice in terms of our gender or identity, when in fact, like Lin says, our practice should simply exist on its own merit and to convey its natural meaning. Please show Lin and her inspirational work and practice a warm welcome to our community by following her page @lin.calle and by commenting your thoughts below! Thank you for sharing your feelings and truths with us Lin.

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