Day 75: Remotely Told

Today’s creative feminist (@remotelytold) truly gives us an incredible insight into not only the design and artistry of curated, vintage fashion but she also teaches us about the personal and emotional impact that beautiful clothing can have on us all.

1. My name is Derya Arsan and I am the founder of @remotelytold which is a curated edit of timeless vintage and modern pieces that you can wear for everyday and years to come. I like to source a mixture of unsigned vintage pieces and also the more luxury vintage brands that will never go out of fashion like Celine, Chanel, Prada etc.

2. I’ve been working in fashion for many years now and have always been in awe of beautiful clothes that make you feel confident and empowered. Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved to dig around and find some incredible timeless gems from vintage stores that I know I will wear for years to come. It just seemed like a natural progression to start my own vintage brand as I have always enjoyed spending time looking for versatile pieces that become your wardrobe staples. Now I can finally share my finds with people, it’s such a satisfying feeling!

3. Prior to working in fashion, I studied History of Art at university and went on to working in art galleries. I’m constantly inspired by art, architecture and interior design on a daily basis and it even influences me on the things that I source for my brand. From the colour palette to the specific cuts and shapes.

Remotely Told is also a reflection of my personal style. I source clothes and accessories that I myself would wear. My style and inspiration is a mixture of a Parisian, Jane Birkin, effortless, throw-on-and-go vibe with a more minimalist, monochrome, Scandi look.

I’ve found that there is a lack of vintage brands that really curate an edit of quality and timeless pieces. Therefore, it is my aim in the brand to reflect a story of my favourite images and inspirations so that when I share each piece for sale, it all comes together and makes sense.

4. For me, it means to empower women with beautiful clothes that are sustainable and affordably priced. I’ve found that when I dress well in iconic brands I feel more confident and empowered. So I wanted to pass this feeling onto my customers. I’ve always loved that feeling of wearing something that I know (hardly) anyone will have. I was inspired by my mothers wardrobe and would steal some of her clothes that she used to wear in the 90s. Putting on such timeless pieces makes you feel special and I love knowing that maybe one day you can pass it on to your own children. You don’t get this feeling with fast fashion – the novelty wears off and you get bored very easily! Ultimately, by buying well you are showing yourself the respect you deserve.

I love how Derya’s love for fashion is found in the tapestry of her life that has led her to where she is today; from secretly selecting beautiful vintage pieces from her mother’s wardrobe and a deep love and appreciate for the art from her studies to her love for curating stunning narratives on her Instagram page that promote sustainable fashion! Derya is a true artist, she soaks in inspiration, art and design and turns this into the most chic collections of vintage fashion you can find on Instagram. Please show Derya the incredible welcome she deserves by following her page @remotelytold and by commenting your thoughts below! Thank you for sharing the story behind the beautiful vintage fashion brand Derya, I fall in love with each piece you curate.

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