Day 76: Felt Fancy

Today’s creative feminist (@feltfancy) has such an exciting and thoughtful energy about her, which manifests itself in the many wonderful and important projects she peruses. Whether it be creating resources on sustainable fashion brands or making beautiful jewellery for us all to wear, Eleanor glitters her work with a strong sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

1. Hi! I’m Eleanor, 19 and based in Hampshire. I’m an ethical and sustainable fashion blogger @eleanorclaudie and I started making sustainable jewellery in January @feltfancy, using locally sourced wool and recycled sterling silver. My practice is largely influenced by sustainability and creativity – and the joy that results from someone loving something you’ve made.

2. My mum taught me how to make felt after attending a course when my grandfather was ill many years ago. She’s much better than me and I look up to her greatly when it comes to making; there will always be things I’ll be able to work on and improve. From a young age, I’ve always been creating new things (although primarily of a textiles nature) but felt seemed like the perfect medium to turn into a business.

3. Lockdown itself brought a lot of inspiration. Instagram, in particular, has been a source of creativity during this period, this account is a great example of such! Art has had such a beautiful way of weaving itself into the confines of lockdown, offering temporary freedom, which I think is so inspiring – to admire and to draw from. In terms of my own work, I’ve been inspired by those who also own small businesses like @mindyourheaduk who are doing great things to raise money for incredibly worthy causes. My creative pursuits outside jewellery are somewhat chaotic, one minute I’m sewing trousers from an old duvet, the next I’m attempting to crochet. Honestly, I think this chaos inspires me as I’m constantly seeking new ideas to play with – inspired by what is around me. I definitely idolise a creative spirit, despite the desire to sometimes want to do everything and nothing simultaneously; the motivation always returns.

4. What it means to be a creative feminist to me is, ultimately, inclusivity. It would be hard to say that the creative industry is completely equal in terms of intersectionality and providing a platform for everyone to thrive and there is still a long way to go; especially important for those trying to make their mark in the industry. It’s a privilege to connect with so many amazing people and to engage in the discourse of change – we need to look outside our interior space in order to break down the barriers others may face. I feel lucky to have an incredible female support system and to champion that is wonderful.

I am so thankful to Eleanor for reminding us that feminism doesn’t simply mean to strive for equality in our own personal surroundings (however that may look or feel) but to look beyond our social, identity and cultural confines to explore ways to investigate and dismantle the hurdles faced by others. Eleanor certainly practices what she preaches with this sentiment as she strives to not only educate herself on political matters but she creates resources and fundraisers etc. to help those around her to keep learning and working! Please show Eleanor and her gorgeous jewellery lots of love by following her pages @feltfancy & @eleanorclaudie and by commenting your love below! Thank you for the work you’re doing Eleanor.

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