Day 78: Indigo

I am completely inspired by the way in which today’s creative feminist (@indigosdesign) explains what this community means to her by exploring how art can be an agent for positive change and connectivity.

1. Hello! My name is Indigo and I’m a designer and illustrator currently living in London! My approach to my work is multidisciplinary and I tend to create through a mixture of physical and digital techniques. 

2. I grew up with an artist mother, so I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember! After doing an Art Foundation where I specialised in painting I decided to study a Graphic Communication and Illustration degree because I am interested in how I can use my creations to covey a message. I am due to return for my final year after doing a year out in industry so I’m excited to see where it will take me!

3. I have always been inspired by a fascination of people. More recently this has moved from portraiture to more abstract explorations of memories and relationships and how these emotions can be displayed visually. No matter what the subject there seems to be a recurring theme of squiggly shapes that crop up my work. 

4. My idea of feminism is to strive for equality and human dignity for all. Art is such a powerful thing that can connect people all over the world. As a creator, I believe art is wasted if not used as an agent for positive change, even if this is simply to make people stop and think about something that they might never before have thought about before.

I find Indigo’s definition of a creative feminist to be deeply profound and it chimes in so beautifully with the ethos of this community; together we can uplift, support and champion one another to rewrite/recreate what it means to be an artist today. I also love how Indigo uses fluid shapes and lines to reflect the connectivity and intimacy of relationships and memories; the moving and unseen powers of community and nostalgia that can be felt rather than touched or heard. Please show Indigo a warm welcome to our community by following her page @indigosdesign and by commenting your thoughts below. Thank you for making me stop and think Indigo.

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