Day 79: Fiona Beattie

I am spellbound to learn that today’s creative feminist (@fionabeattie_) uses play as method to explore creative freedom; a really significant practice that is so well exercised during childhood but often overlooked and forgotten about in adulthood.

1. Hello! My name is Fiona (@fionabeattie_) and I’m a multidisciplinary artist and designer alongside a children’s workshop facilitator. My core design values in my practice are play and well-beings, exploring the importance of freedom and youthful creativity with young people. I like to use my own playful, curious nature to explore vivid colour, natural shapes, exciting textures and patterns.

2. I studied Textiles in Practice at Manchester School of Art specialising in print design, however, I’ve always used mixed media approaches in my work with experimenting to make it as equally exciting to me as it is to the viewer. I always knew I didn’t fancy going into a conventional design job, which is why I was able to work so freely as I knew I didn’t want to build my portfolio towards that. I just created what I was really passionate about and loved doing!

3. I’m really inspired by bright colours, bold natural shapes and exciting (mainly fluffy) textures. I’m also inspired by that youthful, goofy energy that radiates from children and people that don’t take themselves too seriously. I adore working with young people as their energy is so refreshing so I get a lot of inspiration from them!

4. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing humans! So for you to welcome me into this creative community to continue the work of likeminded people who can support each other throughout their creative journeys really does mean the world to me!

Fiona’s love for play and well-being unlocks so many exciting and mesmerising opportunities within her work and practice; freedom, colour, independence, not taking one’s self too seriously, experimentation, creative journeys and so much more! Fiona’s effervescent nature and love for vibrancy and play beams out of her delicious artwork, so it’s delightful to welcome her to the fem fam. Please show Fiona a wacky and wonderful welcome to the fem fam by following her page @fionabeattie_ & and by commenting your love below! Thank you for your beautiful energy Fiona.

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