Day 80: 83 Studio

Today’s creative feminist ( looks to the future for inspiration, and this future-led practice is evident in each aspect of the womenswear she creates; from the choice of sustainable fabrics to the way the fabrics move and shape the body; I’m so excited to introduce the incredible Kem Egwuenu to our community!

1. My name is Kem Egwuenu and I am the designer and owner of 83 Studio (, which is a sustainable, handmade womenswear line.

2. I studied fashion design in college in Toronto and developed my portfolio by doing a lot of freelance gigs in design, illustration and costume for film.

3. I’m inspired by many things. A few of them being creating a future focused narrative and reality within the brand that expresses diversity, the art of making clothing and clothes coming to life.

I’m also very passionate about history, sustainability, ethics, nature and how all these inform the design process.

4. To be creative and free with expression!

A clear love for not just the final product but the love and process of clothes-making shines out of the pieces that Kem produces; they are bold, exciting and glamorous collections! I also absolutely love how the models wearing Kem’s clothing look empowered, beautiful and passionate! I know I’d feel that way wearing one of Studio 83’s chic dresses! Please give Kem the wonderful welcome she deserves by following her page and commenting your love below! I look forward to the future you are creating Kem.

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