Day 81: Laura Page

A love for the entire process of painting and drawing, and the possibilities and visual language that it provides us, runs out of today’s creative feminist (@laurapage___) and into the pages she illustrates.

1. Hello, I’m Laura (@laurapage___), a freelance illustrator, specialising in nature, travel and fashion! My illustrations are hand painted and drawn, I’m a lover of traditional media!

2. I’ve developed my practise after a couple of internships in the design industry and deciding if I’d like to freelance using the skills I learnt! Lockdown has been particularly fruitful as I’ve had time to focus on artistic inspirations using books, Pinterest, Instagram and the nature around us! Also playing with loads of different media is important to find what works best for you!

3. Painting and drawing brings me so much joy! It’s my passion, and when I see the final result, there’s always an abundance of fulfilment! I want to bring happiness and joy through my work to other people too, this is also a big reason I love illustrating.

4. To me, being a woman and illustrating is so exciting, we can unlock so many different topics visually, which can be just as powerful as words, sometimes more so! Always discovering, pushing and playing with ideas can unlock possibilities, shed light on topics in new ways and open and excite peoples minds!

The joy that illustrating brings to Laura is evident in the sunny and uplifting scenes she creates. A line of happiness is drawn throughout Laura’s entire process; a love for the world around her inspires her work, the process of drawing brings Laura fulfilment and then the end result shares joy with the recipient of the piece as well as Laura’s Instagram community! What a beautiful process of creativity and gift giving! Please show Laura a sunny welcome to the fem fam by following her page @laurapage___ and commenting your love below! I’m enchanted by your work Laura.

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