Day 83: Letícia

I would like to begin by stating that this interview has been translated from Portuguese, however, I will include the original version below. Today’s creative feminist (@leticiasilvafotos) is doing incredibly important work; I think using photography as a lens to uplift and celebrate black and trans women and promote high self-esteem within this community is such an immensely beautiful and necessary act. I cannot wait to see the project and to champion the brilliant work Letícia is doing.

1. Hello! My name is Letícia, I am 25 years old, I have a degree in Social Communication, but currently working as a screenwriter and photographer!

2. I’ve been working as a professional photographer for a year and since then I have created a great passion and found my way. But before everything happened I hated photography and photos in general, because in fact I didn’t have enough self-esteem to see something beautiful in all this, and it was through photography that I started to see myself, to see beauty and discover so many things about myself. And then I realized that I needed to pass this on, I realized that it wasn’t just me, a black, LGBT and poor woman who didn’t feel good looking at myself in the mirror. So Letícia Silva Fotos is already my big project, he will never stop or die, my aim is to photograph black women and make her see her real beauty, my purpose is to improve self-esteem through art! I am gradually inaugurating a more political and historical vision in my work, our ancestry is important in the process and politics too, what our black bodies suffer to get to the point where we hate them right?

3. I have some inspirations from black photographers who do beautiful work, here on Instagram, but my biggest inspiration is my mother and her story, which is not fit to tell here.

4. I have a new project in production called “Respect the mines, the black, the trans” which will be about photographing black and trans women and their perspectives on self-esteem, because the process is different for a black and cis woman, for example. The project consists of photographing 3 women from São Paulo and 3 women from Rio de Janeiro testimonial videos will also be recorded and will be posted with a presentation text of each one.

I am so thankful to Letícia for sharing her story and evolving relationship with photography with us today. It shows great strength and creativity to turn one’s view of a creative medium from negative and upsetting to uplifting and positive. Letícia has harnessed her feelings of low self-esteem that were associated with photography to create something empowering, necessary and really very beautiful. I am in awe of this amazing creative and it’s such an honour to welcome Letícia to our community. Please show Letícia lots of love by following their page @leticiasilvafotos and commenting your love below. Thank you for the work you are doing Letícia.

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