Day 84: Blanche Eden

It is perfect timing to celebrate today’s INCREDIBLE creative feminist (@blancheedenart) as we step into the beautiful and uplifting month of August! Blanche’s inspirational ethos and practice is a lesson worth drinking in, as she teaches us that we must follow our dreams and do what we love, but make sure we do it and practice everyday! There is so much sunshine and vibrant colour in Blanche’s beautiful work and so it’s so fitting to celebrate and introduce her to the fem fam today.

1. My name is Blanche Eden pronounced ‘Blonc Eden’ and I am a Jill of a many trades. I have extensive experience in pro-photography, singing and songwriting. I started painting and illustrating a year ago and now have a well-performing business in selling my artwork to amazing clients.

2. I started shooting in 2008 and did that professionally for 6 years and owned my own studio for 3. I started independently creating my own music in 2015 and performed my first show in about 2017. But back to the question at hand lol I developed my many skills by doing them, over and over. I love everyone of them so most of the time it was very easy. So do what you love and do it everyday if you can! It’s the only way to get better, really. School isn’t really for me; I’m a great self-learner and teacher. Studying the skill you love is important too, you have to know what it is that you’re doing. If you don’t take the time out to see how others that do what you love did it before you than your missing out on major keys.

3. What inspires me is everywhere, when I see work that reminds me of my own I’m inspired too. When I see work that I know I would never do, that also inspires me. I love color and my ability to use it, it is never taken for granted. It is the very thing that is our world, color! I love my practice because I’ve worked so hard learning everything I possibly can about each skill I hone. I’ve had many failures and never stopped trying to find what actually will stick. I enjoy this because others love it too.

4. Being a creative feminist to me means always representing feminism in every opportunity I can. It seems many fields are dominated by white men, I take my position as a black Hispanic woman in arts very seriously because we come far and few compared to the males that make most of the money and have most of the fame. Even with women rising to the occasion and creating just as good work as a man we have to work twice as hard or have to worry about being used for our feminine power. I make it my business to raise other women up in their craft everyday.

Blanche’s words about women artists having to worry about being used for our feminine power (on the rare occasion we get a big break) is so important and powerful and I think this acknowledgement stood alongside her many art forms just goes to show how brilliant and definite Blanche is. What’s more, the fact she has bravely taken on not just the art world but the music world to great success, is so unbelievably inspirational and I really think all creatives can look up to wonderful Blanche! Please show Blanche lots of love on this beautiful day by following her page @blancheedenart and commenting you love below! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Blanche.

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