Day 86: Stuti Bajaj

Today’s creative feminist (@scribblinallday) reminds us that inspiration doesn’t have to be a profound and once-every-so-often feeling, but it can be found all round – at school, in your garden or park, in the streets or even in your kitchen!

1. It gives me immense joy to introduce myself on this great forum. I am Stuti Bajaj, a 24 year old communication designer from Delhi, India. I have been playing with pencils and crayons since the day I learned how to hold them.

2. I took fine art classes in high-school where I learnt the basics of portraits and landscapes. Fascinated by the world of art and the immense possibilities it offers, I decided to go to Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology for my under-grad degree. I majored in graphic design and kept practising illustration along side.

3. I feel that there is inspiration all around, in the beautiful flowers of my garden, fragrance of freshly baked cookies, funny scenes of people fighting on streets. I find a lot of joy in observing minute details and recording them through art.

4. I’m glad to actually come across this term ‘creative feminist. I think people should use it more often. Being a part of the community, it is our responsibility to support other female creatives.

This eye for appreciating the small things in life is so poignant and timely during this time of lockdown, where we are all learning to savour the smaller things, so thank you for celebrating this in your joyful artwork Stuti! Colour and warmth radiates out of Stuti’s beautiful artwork and takes these small things and amplifies their beauty! Please show Stuti a fabulous welcome to the community today by following her page @scribblinallday and commenting your love below! Keep shining a light on the small, beautiful and special moments of life Stuti! 

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