Day 87: Joy Rooney

Today’s creative feminist (@joyrooneystudio) looks towards nature’s seasonal cycles for her inspiration and subject matter; resulting in gorgeous tones and hues alongside joyful use of texture, organic form and shape! I absolutely love Joy’s work and have been an admirer for quite some time now so it’s such a delight to celebrate this incredible creative feminist within our community.

1. Hello I’m Joy, 22 and currently living in West Yorkshire. My practice at the moment is a mixture of quirky illustration, textile design and making funky earrings!

2. I have always been crafting, doodling and making things ever since I can remember but I recently graduated from studying textile design at university which allowed me to develop my practice and see what I liked and disliked about being a designer.

3. I am heavily influenced by colour, nature and narrative within my practice! I love having little stories behind my illustrations as well as using vibrant colours to uplift people’s moods. I also like using nature as a material, imagery and source of inspiration such as looking at the natural cycles and how this can also inspire how we live our lives.

4. To me being a creative feminist is a very powerful thing and feel honoured to be part of this creative community of feminists! I would love to inspire people to also do what they love.

It is exciting to see how Joy’s work is painted, stitched and crafter with a nature-inspired narrative in mind; Joy celebrates the natural world by emphasising and highlighting its freeing, magical and colourful form! Each piece is an invitation to step outside and drink in the colourful world around us! Please show Joy a brilliant welcome to the fem fam by following her page @joyrooneystudio and commenting your love below. Thank you for these utterly beautiful, narrative pieces Joy.

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