Day 88: Daisy Mojave Holland

Feminism is the lead of today’s creative feminist’s pencil; it inspires, motivates and challenges her to create empowering, brilliant and informative illustrations and animations. Daisy (@daisymojaveholland) is an illustrator, animator, educator, entrepreneur and so much more, so it gives me great pleasure to introduce her to the fem fam.

1. My name is Daisy, artist name @daisymojaveholland, and I’m a London based illustrator and animator. My work is generally interwoven with two key themes, feminist commentary and humour. My aim is to challenge the viewer to re-examine social norms whilst being playful with my characters and ideas.

2. Last summer I graduated from Manchester School of Art where I studied Illustration with Animation. I learnt to 2D animate at university, which suited me well because it became a vehicle for creating bigger narratives and characters, and it felt like a natural progression from my illustration. I do a mixture of creative freelance work that has been built up over the last couple of years, mostly from saying ‘yes’ a lot!

3. Like many, my personal life massively inspires my work. As a young woman, I have experiences that play into societal expectations which feel relevant to comment on in my illustration. Often it’ll be something small, like an interaction with a friend where we both successfully criticise our bodies and I’ll stop and reflect, realising that there is room to explore why that happened in my sketchbook. Using humour as a tool to invite and delight, I love creating work that resonates with the viewer, and getting the feeling that I’ve captured shared experience.

4. Getting the chance to use my art to advocate for feminism is something I see as a real privilege. In 2018 I launched a successful kickstarter with two female friends and we now run a feminist card company, which I do all of the illustrations for (@outoftheboxcards). Being able to actively alter the industry, with racially representative cards that champion variety amongst girls/women, encourages me to keep focusing on issues I care about. I’m very lucky to know brilliant female creatives across the arts and they inspire me no end too.

I am totally in awe of how Daisy uses social interactions that play out somewhat undermining societal expectations as fuel and inspiration for her work; this is challenging, important and incredibly creative. I have had countless conversations with friends where I’ve been self-critical, yet to come home, reflect on these moments, re-write and amend these negative thoughts in the creative and informative way that Daisy does, is such a courageous and feminist act. So please show Daisy the wonderful welcome she deserves to our community by following her page @daisymojaveholland and commenting your love below. We thank you for the empowering and necessary work you are creating Daisy!

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