Day 100: Hannah

To celebrate the 100 day’s of creative feminism we have a very exciting fem to share with you all (@handmade_by_hannah4). There’s so much I love about Hannah’s beautiful craft and practice – her enthusiasm for all things crafty, her courage to develop a new skill, her determination to teach herself an art form from scratch and finally her love for the one and only Angel Strawbridge (who doesn’t love ‘Escape to the Chateau’?)

1. Hello everyone! I am Hannah an English teacher based in Suffolk with a passion for craft – macramé to be precise!

2. For those of you who don’t know, macramé is working with cotton cord tying different knots to create beautiful patterns. I developed my craft through A LOT of trial and error. Varying from the size of cord needed to the lengths of cord I needed.

3. I found inspiration through macramé books, YouTube and of course Instagram. My inspiration came from a lady called Angel Strawbridge – a lady who has the ability to get creative with any medium. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out!

4. Being a creative feminist to me means promoting equality between genders and celebrating the creativity of the human spirit!

Hannah could not be more right in her definition of creative feminism and there’s two words she has used that I want to pay particularly close attention to: equality and celebration! These two words beautifully summarise the ethos and spirit of this incredible community; together we are promoting equality whilst celebrating each other’s work and like Hannah so rightfully says, the unique creativity of the human spirit! So, on day 100, please come together to celebrate today’s wonderful creative fem by following her page @handmade_by_hannah4, sharing this post and commenting your love for her beautiful designs below! I am in awe of your self-taught craft Hannah.

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