Day 101: Prince JayJay

Today’s creative feminist (@princejayjay) challenges the norm and demands for change in the most exciting, fun and VIBRANT way and I’m here for it. Prince JayJay teaches us that when you stay true to your truth and do what you love, you are unstoppable – what an inspiration!

1. Bonsoirrrr, I am superstar club kid, international DJ & artiste: Prince JayJay. I guess you could say I am an on-going performance piece, a walking piece of art perhaps.

2. It all began at Uni, studying Fashion design. I was dressing up for fun, creating lewks & partying with friends. It then snowballed into a full time gig, so it just felt right that I start DJING, and now I travel the world, meet amazing people, collaborate with other artists, doing what I love; luckily I’m pretty great at it haha.

3. I’m mostly inspired by modern architecture, cartoons, and mixing that with fetishes. Creating a genderless character that is out of this world. I have always loved dressing up, being something completely odd to the norm, the everyday can get so dull that my imagination runs wild. Prince JayJay allows me to play and experiment, and it’s essentially just an exaggerated, louder version of me. I love it.

4. I believe creativity is the voice of change, the work I create is powerful and if we keep questioning and tearing down the traditional, we will live in a much greater place.

It’s such a pleasure to celebrate Prince JayJay’s work within our fem fam and share their message that creativity is the voice of change – this rings so much truth and so many of the amazing creatives within this community are similar asking questions that inspire change! So, we can all take a slice of Prince JayJay’s love, enthusiasm and confidence for creating change and continue to demand for greater equality and diversity! So please show JayJay the wonderfully warm welcome they deserve by following their page @princejayjay, sharing this post and commenting your love below! Thank you sharing your journey with us all Prince JayJay! 

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