Day 102: Nothando Chiwanga

I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to celebrate today’s incredible creative feminist (@notie_lupie). Nothando’s work is absolutely stunning and challenges concepts of the self, womanhood, the performance of the life model, our relationship with nature and so much more!

1. My name is Nothando Chiwanga. I am a visual artist in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have graduated from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe School of visual arts and design. Now I am an artist in residence at the National gallery of Zimbabwe. l predominantly work on performance art and self- portraiture.

2. I prefer using myself as a model because of my expression and feeling. Mostly, I love setting my tripod stand and setting up my studio.

3. I am inspired by nature, womanhood and children. I love my practice because it gives me a chance to relate myself and yourselves to nature. Also l feel relieved when l will be posing as my own model.

4. l feel so powerful. To be a female in the creative industry means a lot, you can say a lot as you will have much to face in society as females.

I am enchanted by how Nathando’s love and connection to nature is a key source of inspiration within her work. This sense of adoration for Mother Nature is evident within the many forms that Nothando’s work takes as imagery of flora and fauna seeps in and graces much of her work. Nothando is doing really exciting and innovative work for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and I can’t wait to see where her thirst for creativity takes her next! Please show Nothando a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @notie_lupie, sharing this post and commenting your love below! We are delighted to have you join our community Nothando!

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