Day 103: Juliet E P Gibbs

When I look at today’s creative feminists (@julietepgibbs) artwork it’s almost as though I can feel the moisture droplets of the glass house or smell the sweetness of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse. Juliet transports us to these beautiful man-made yet gloriously green havens within her magical artwork.

1. My name is Juliet E P Gibbs, I’m an artist based in Hertfordshire but I’m from the South West and my practice is centred around painting and drawing! I work predominantly in oils and focus on the contrast between man and nature.

2. My arts education was a big one in getting me to where I am now. My Fine Art BA at Falmouth University gave me so much creative energy and I left my degree with a clear style and voice in my work. Developing your practice takes time, and leaving university was a bit of a set back for me – I lost my studio, my mates and the creative input of tutors and crits all at once, so it has really taken me two years to build up my practice again to a point where I feel inspired to make freely again. Getting to where I am now has taken a lot of practice and hard work but it’s still really early days for me. Big things to come hopefully!

3. I am inspired by glasshouses and indoor gardens. I find them fascinating, and I’ve spoken about this before, but I see them as these amazing man-made, curated and extremely controlled environments that grow incredible, exotic plants indoors. They are microcosmic wonderlands, penned in by steel, glass, concrete and heat that lie to us when we go in them. They tell us we are in a jungle in Brazil, South East Asia or Madagascar but really you’re just in a greenhouse in Richmond.
I love my practice because it allows me to convey the ideas that are in my head in a more literal way. I often dream in green – especially after a day of visiting research destinations or painting. So putting down my ideas on canvas gives me so much satisfaction, especially when something unexpected happens with the painting – a drip of paint that wasn’t supposed to be there that ends up being the most interesting bit.

4. I wouldn’t say feminism is something I really think about when I’m physically making but it is definitely ingrained in my day to day life and that is probably something that leaks its way into the creativity in one way or another. Feminism is incredibly important to me. It wasn’t that long ago that women weren’t being recognised at all for their art and now we’re sneaking in all over the place. Social media makes a huge impact on what we’re all seeing day-to-day and I see a lot of very positive moves to include women in the art scene: women-only shows, Creative funds for mothers, BAME Women-only opportunities, LGBTQ+ residencies etc. It’s so important to shout these out and flag them up as a creator because you have a voice and a platform. I’ve been trying to promote these kinds of things as much as I can through my Instagram as a way of spreading the word and getting as many people to see the opportunities as possible.

I am completely blown away by Juliet’s incredibly thoughtful and sensitive responses. Up until my first reading of these beautiful words, I had never seen glasshouses with the same vision that Juliet has. So I’m incredibly thankful that Juliet has taught me to see an indoor garden as a little oasis of natural beauty, which transports us to a different climate. Whilst reading Juliet’s vivid words, I was immediately transported to the magic of the Eden Project in Cornwall and it’s moisture, heat and beautiful greenery! Please show Juliet and her breath-taking artwork a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @julietepgibbs, sharing this post and commenting your thoughts below! Thank you for sharing your vision with us Juliet.

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