Day 90: Rosie

There is a wonderful sense of freedom, energy and fun in today’s creative feminist’s (@rosiedoesillustration) work and practice. Rosie follows her heart and finds inspirational all round; I love how Rosie is drawn to illustration because there are no boundaries and she feels free to create and illustrate whatever takes her fancy!

1. Hi! I’m Rosie, a British student and aspiring illustrator.

2. My practise is definitely something that is still developing! I’ve always drawn and did art at school but I was never that confident in my technical ability. For me, it’s been having so much time due to lockdown that’s given me the space to experiment with digital illustration and find what I enjoy.

3. I get inspiration from everywhere! The incredible work of the creative community on Instagram, nature and just random unexpected objects that I like to illustrate to make them feel fun and exiting. I’ve always loved illustration because literally anything can be illustrated in a colourful and fun way. It feels like there are no rules and I love that!

4. To me, being a creative feminist is being part of a community of women who aren’t afraid to create whatever they want. It’s about celebrating the creative work of all women, especially black and women of colour and queer women. Feminism has to be intersectional.

When we consider Rosie’s love for illustration is led by her appreciation for its lack of rules, it seems natural therefore, that there is a strong line of feminism drawn throughout her work. I love how Rosie believes we should be free to create however and whatever we want and how she believes this free from becomes a marker of creative feminism. Please show Rosie and her gorgeous and fun illustrations lots of love by following her page @rosiedoesillustration and commenting your love below. It is beautiful to see how your work has become a key to unlock so many freeing and fun possibilities for your Rosie.

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