Day 91: Adora Watson

Today’s creative feminist (@adorawatson) celebrates the incredible family of supportive and exceptional women who have surrounded her her whole life in her utterly breath-taking and timeless jewellery.

1. My name is Elisa, and I’m a designer from Montreal. I currently live and create in Toronto with a focus on demi-fine jewellery. I design season less collections inspired by my wear-today-wear-tomorrow philosophy, rooted in my belief that design should transcend time.

2. My love for jewellery started when I saw a diamond commercial at the age of four. Now, many moons later, I have the joy of translating my childhood love into adornments. As a little girl, I was fascinated with the construction of objects, paying close attention to their form, finish, and intended function. As a woman, after growing tired of not finding what I wanted in stores, because it was ‘out of season,’ I turned to creating my own pieces. I worked as a self-taught jewellery designer before formally learning how to silversmith. My jewellery journey has evolved through the years until finally landing on ADORA WATSON – a namesake brand in honor of my late grandmother, launched in 2020. Part cosmopolitan, part boho, she was one of the most exceptional women I’ve ever known.

3. I’m inspired by modernity, movement, and old-world beauty. I’m fascinated with the arts, cultural icons, divinity, and the natural world. I love having the opportunity to distill precious metals, pearls, and gems into ornaments that can adorn our bodies.

4. I was born into a family with magical women. For as long as I can remember, three generations of caregivers instilled the idea of living, dreaming, and creating with purpose. I give thanks to the universe for the gift of my talents and work to uphold my ancestral tradition of giving back to communities where possible. Through the summer of 2020, I am donating 15% of my sales to a charity that supports underrepresented artists. To me, being a creative feminist means taking up space unapologetically while sitting in the power of my softness and vulnerability. And designing goods sustainably, with respect and care for nature, the earth’s mother.

There is something so magical, personal and transcendental within Elisa’s choice to name her company after her inspirational late grandmother. By doing so, Elisa has sewn a line of timelessness (and feminine power) right through her work, from the beautiful jewels and stones she selects in her pieces down to the name of her brand. These pieces can be worn in any season and by any age and this also brings a strong sense of connectivity and sustainability into Elisa’s incredible brand. I am in so love with Elisa’s gorgeous jewels and I know once I’d put a piece on, I’d never want to take it off! So, please show Elisa lots of love by following her page @adorawatson, sharing her stunning work and commenting your love below! Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us Elisa.

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