Day 92: Gülistan Kaya

Today’s creative feminist (@gulstankaya) challenges gender stereotypes using various forms of nature as symbolism, which creates a striking, defiant and empowering style within Gülistan beautiful artwork.

1. I’m Gülistan Kaya, I’m an artist from Turkey. I work mostly with oil and acrylic paints on canvas. Nowadays, I am also trying new materials such as ceramics and collages.

2. I have loved to create things since my childhood. At the age of 22, while I was studying in another department, I decided to continue my life as a painter. After graduating, I started in the faculty of fine arts. Painting is like an adventure for me. I love discovering something while working.

3. I’m impressed by the unnoticeable aspects of nature and women.
I love approaching gender roles and stereotypes ironically. I show this in my paintings. I like to paint defiant portraits of women. Most of these are self-portraits. The power and mysteries of the plants that are thought to be sensitive affect me. That’s why I have plants in my paintings.

4. To me, being a creative feminist means doing things that query the role of women in the geography I live in and the world. To do more than make room for myself in the art environment where men are thought to be dominant. Also, creating defiant paintings makes me a creative feminist.

I am really drawn to the paradoxically rich and fierce yet warm and enticing nature of Gülistan’s beautiful artwork. Gülistan’s up close studies of plants and flowers that would often be considered sharp and harsh are painted in deep and warm tones, which forces us to revisit and reinvestigate the symbolism of such plants in a whole new light; making us question and reflect on stereotypes such as gender norms. It’s such a pleasure to celebrate Gülistan’s gorgeous artwork and practice so please do show her a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @gulstankaya , sharing her work and commenting your thoughts below! Thank you for sharing your lens with us Gülistan.

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