Day 93: Maddie Booth

Today’s creative feminist (@inthenude_art) works to dismantle social body norms in order to promote body positivity not only in the artwork she produces but within the performance of the nude models she draws from. This two-stage creative process helps to create a ripple effect of empowerment and self-love within Maddie’s models, herself (as the artist) and her viewers.

1. I’m Maddie Booth, I’ve just graduated from the University of Warwick! I am the founder of SCRUBBEE, a sustainable skin care line but I have loved art for a long long time! I did art at A Level and then carried it on as a hobby. I recently curated an art exhibition in march entitled “stand up, stand back, stand with” – it focused on gender based violence (GBV) and we raised £800 for three local charities that support victims of GBV.

2. Many people struggle with their body image, most have been insecure about the way they look at some point in their lives and this has a huge impact on our relationship with our bodies.
What I am trying to help with ‘In the nude’ is showing my naked volunteers that there isn’t a single type of beauty. And there simply isn’t a right or a wrong way to look.

3. When I first put a shout-out for naked volunteers I was blown away by how many felt compelled to share their inspiring stories of body image struggles and acceptance alongside their naked image.
Many who got involved said it was actually their first time sending a nude image. And after seeing their picture turned into art, many volunteers said they felt empowered that their bodies were being recognised as art instead of being viewed sexually.

4. There have been so many inspiring stories that have come from doing this. I am doing my best to show the real beauty of these volunteers through abstract, vibrant and fun colours.

Maddie’s use of bright and fun colours serves to celebrate the naked form in all its glory, whilst also paint the body in a new light which detaches our own body confidence issues from what we are seeing and instead emphasises self-love and empowerment! I am inspired by the whole creative process that Maddie adopts when using her life-model volunteers and how they choose to share their stories with her. In turn this process is not simply about painting the body, but it includes learning about the individual and capturing their essence and story within the painting and use of colours too! So please show Maddie a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @inthenude_art, sharing this post and commenting your love below! Thank you sharing the importance of self-love Maddie; this is important work.

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