Day 94: Alix Ann

Today’s creative feminist combines a love for character with a passion for nature and sustainability, which results in magical, earthly and organic costumes and textiles.

1. Hello, I’m Alix Ann (@alixanntextiles ) a textiles artist who specialises in costume textiles, prints and dyeing.

2. I obtained a first class degree in Costume and Textiles Design in the UK. Throughout my degree I developed my skills in construction, design, textiles print and embroidery. I had the honour of obtaining work placements at a diverse range of well esteemed companies such as the Royal Opera House, Pinewood, Opera North and Timorous Beasties.

3. I am inspired by the symbolism behind characters combined with the influence of nature. I also strive to be as sustainable as possible throughout my printing processes. Another inspiration is artists I find through research and Instagram, it’s amazing seeing the innovative work of others.

4. I feel artistic work should be expressed and enjoyed equally among gender and race. I feel having the opportunity to collaborate with other feminists is a privilege and something to be celebrated.

The driving simultaneous combination of character and nature is evident in all aspects of Alix’s work: from the embroidery and printing practices even down to the choice of fabric and colour! Each piece carefully tells us a story about the delicate world around us and it’s beautiful colours, textures and landscapes. Each piece Alix creates sews together these two great loves of her to beautiful results. So, please show Alix a magical welcome to the fem fam by following her page @alixanntextile, sharing this post and commenting your love below! I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful creations Alix.

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