Day 96: Freya Louella

Today’s creative feminist (@freyalouelladesign) teaches us an important lesson: the power of unity. Freya looks to our unity with nature, with ourselves and with one another as a defining attribute of creative feminism and this sense of simultaneous independence and connectivity is a beautiful way to read, see and celebrate this community!

1. Hello lovely people! My name is Freya Louella (@freyalouelladesign), I am a freelance print designer, illustrator, writer and Yoga teacher! I have my own fashion brand ‘Freya Louella’ which is mainly activewear and yoga fashion. I have moved back to my home town for the time being, Henley-on-thames, which is just outside of London.

2. I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University which allowed me to discover my personal style of design. Since graduating in July 2019, I have focussed mainly on digital design as this seemed most fitting with the activewear industry and as I work from home this is a technique that I am able to do from anywhere. I use traditional methods such as drawing and painting but then use Photoshop to digitally design. I am also in the process of creating a children’s book which I am hoping to publish by September!

3. Mother Earth is my biggest inspiration! From all the beautiful natural colours to quirky organic shapes…I just love the outdoors. In my work, I aim to remind us of our connection to nature and how we are all one. This links in with my passion for Yoga and with my brand – promoting unity. I am also inspired by fellow creatives and love to collaborate with like minded artists.

4. For me, the importance of being a creative feminist may look slightly different to others as I look at it in the form of energy! It is so important to express our feminine energy, as when this gets expressed we are able to move with the flow of life, embrace our creativity, dance, play and attune to our personal process. We often get too wrapped up in our masculine energy; working towards goals, progress, ticking off to do lists and pushing forward which results in feminine repression. We need to be more wild and free and let our feminine energies flow!

Freya’s work and practice celebrates the uniqueness and beauty in feminine energies and promotes them within her entire brand, from her love to teach yoga to others, her creation of yoga active wear right down to the designs and patterns she creates on the clothing for the brand! All of these forms and outputs of Freya’s work tie in a beautiful sense of unity with her love and promotion of connecting with one’s feminine energies. So, please show the wonderful Freya a warm welcome to the fem fam by following her page @freyalouelladesign, sharing this post and commenting your love below! Thank you for teaching us today Freya.

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