Day 97: Jessica Kirkpatrick

Today’s creative feminist (@jesskirkpatrick_) creates the most gorgeous botanical and natural prints, yet with each print Jess makes she draws in and subsequently promotes a very important and necessary message: we need to save our natural world.

1. Hi everybody, I’m Jessica Kirkpatrick and I am a textile design graduate based in Lancashire. My work focuses on print design for interiors and sometimes fashion. I like to create drawings and paintings for my designs that are as detailed as possible and then combining them with more free, experimental elements.

2. Over the years during my time at University of Central Lancashire, I have explored a wide range of topics within my work as well as experimenting with new styles. I found that I always drifted back to natural forms such as animals, botanicals, shells etc. In my final collection for my degree, I enjoyed combining detailed natural forms with some of my favourite experimental work I had learned along the way. Since finishing Uni, I have developed my own personal brand and created my own website. Over the next few weeks I will be creating products for my Etsy shop which has recently launched!

3. All aspects of the natural world inspires my work, but currently my designs have been hugely influenced by the Endangerment of species. This topic has become more and more relevant and important and I want to be able to contribute in some way to the cause. My collection ‘Living Specimen’, the term given to observations made at a zoo or a botanic garden, evolved from my research taken from zoo’s and botanic gardens from around the world. Being in this creative community on social media helps a lot with inspiration. Having so many upcoming designers supporting each other is amazing and motivational especially in these current uncertain times.

4. I am proud to call myself a creative feminist, because I am part of a community that supports and strengthens each other. Sharing with each other to create a strong, influential force.

Jess’ work to raise awareness of the diminishing natural world around us is beautifully sewn in to each pattern and design she creates. It’s been a complete delight to watch Jess grow as a designer from strength to strength since opening her Etsy shop and now being featured at various markets; this creative feminist is showing us that the sky really is our limit (and also a key source of inspiration)! So please do show Jess lots of love today by following her page @jesskirkpatrick_, sharing this post and commenting you thoughts below! It’s a pleasure to share this creative space with you Jess, keep smashing it! 

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