Day 98: Watson Vargras

Today’s creative feminist (@watsonvisuals_) uses his platform to raise awareness of how his fellow female photographers are taken for granted within the industry. Watson challenges this inequality within his work to show how female photographers rightfully deserve to shine and be equal (if not better) than their male counterparts.

1. My name is Watson Vargas, I’m a fashion/ portrait photographer based on the Dominican republic.

2. This is a funny question because I actually started on a weekend that I went to my cousin’s house, I saw a beautiful flower and I took a pic of it. Afterwards I started to be interested more and more in photography and everything that is related to it, then I started meeting other creators that shared my dreams and it just motivated me to keep getting deeper into the industry and growing as a creator.

3. My mom is my biggest inspiration. She is a hardworking woman and she has always shown me her strong side and that she always goes the extra mile for what she wants in life. Being a photographer is a hard career to choose in life because a lot of people have very bad opinions about the life photography/art can give you, so I just decided to be motivated by the people that decided to work really hard to achieve their goals in life and my mom happens to be the first person on the list.
I love my practice because it is such a beautiful way to represent and show my feelings to the world, this is the way that I can show what my heart is saying without having to talk and it is just so amazing that everyday you learn something new and if you fail at something you learn from that too. So, I guess what makes me passionate about it is how uncertain I am of how my next work will come out, will it be better? And this is super exciting to me, so it’s really what made me fall in love with photography at the beginning and I keep falling in love with it everyday.

4. It means a lot. It’s a great honour but it’s great responsibility – women are usually taken for granted in this industry just because they are women and is something that has become normal at this point when it shouldn’t be. Every time I do a photoshoot, I try to show how beautiful women are no matter what their background is and I’ve always wanted to show that woman deserve to shine and not be overshadowed by other people who are doing worse work than them. Women are beautiful and it doesn’t matter the colour, the hair, the eyes, women are all beautiful and strong and powerful and women will always surprise me because they can reach levels we men will never in a million years. So I will always try to show diversity within my art and represent how important it is to be a feminist creative.

There is so much good and beauty within Watson’s incredible photography. He is doing such important feminist work behind and in front of the lens to celebrate women and female photographs and it’s beautiful to hear that this strong and hard working intent is driven by his admiration for his inspirational and strong mother. I am also so in awe of how Watson leans into the uncertainty of creating new work, in the hope to keep growing and creating better work! Watson is not afraid to make mistakes, each mistake he sees as a lesson and this is a really valuable experience we can all learn from! So please give Watson a beautifully warm welcome to the fam fam by following his page @watsonvisuals_, sharing this post and commenting your love below! Thank you for sharing your journey with us Watson.

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