Day 99: Millie Suu-Kyi

There’s so much I love and want to celebrate in today‘s creative feminist’s (@milliesuukyi) work. I am totally in awe of the creative, golden magic that runs out of Millie’s fingertips into her dancing, ceramics, drawing and I could go on… Millie’s ability to bounce off her own creativity and flip flop between different mediums as individual sources of inspiration is truly inspirational and a joy to behold!

1. My name is Millie Suu-Kyi and I am a multi-disciplinary artist and recent graduate that currently focuses on illustration and ceramics. As a trained dancer, I hope to develop my work to include performance, combining sculpture and movement in the near future.

2. As my university course taught us techniques across many different medias, I was able to develop my work and skills in a multitude of materials. This now allows me to develop concepts and characters from paper into clay and so on. I feel I’m only at the beginning of my creative journey, but I’m really enjoying experimenting, improving my skills and educating myself to better conceptualise social and political issues.

3. When starting work I always begin by looking at people – I love faces, people’s movements and characteristics that make them them. And then I study social issues/groupings and what makes people tick. In terms of my style, I use elements taken from my favourite cartoons and illustrators. I love ceramics and illustration because they are both delightful media in their own right, and work extremely well together. When I feel stuck with drawing, I turn to ceramics to free up my creativity and vice versa.

4. It means using one’s art to communicate your feelings and thoughts and putting yourself on the creative map. It’s extremely easy to feel unoriginal and uninspired by your own work, but by looking at women’s previous work, especially that which is created in hardship or oppression, I am reminded of my strength as a woman and my need to continue creating and celebrating women-hood.

I find Millie’s words about taking steps away from one’s work when feeling uninspired to appreciate other women artists’ work and their hurdles and battles in the past, which have pathed the way for creatives like us – is really really powerful and such an important message. This process of reflection and contemplation, which Millie describes and uses within her own work, provides fuel to the feminist fire within us all to keep learning/creating/celebrating our womanhood and our work. Please show Millie a beautiful welcome to the fem fam by following her page @milliesuukyi, sharing this post and commenting your love below! Thank you for sharing your wise words with us Millie.

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