Day 103: Juliet E P Gibbs

When I look at today’s creative feminists (@julietepgibbs) artwork it’s almost as though I can feel the moisture droplets of the glass house or smell the sweetness of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse. Juliet transports us to these beautiful man-made yet gloriously green havens within her magical artwork. 1. My name is Juliet E P … More

Day 102: Nothando Chiwanga

I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to celebrate today’s incredible creative feminist (@notie_lupie). Nothando’s work is absolutely stunning and challenges concepts of the self, womanhood, the performance of the life model, our relationship with nature and so much more!1. My name is Nothando Chiwanga. I am a visual artist in Harare, … More

Day 101: Prince JayJay

Today’s creative feminist (@princejayjay) challenges the norm and demands for change in the most exciting, fun and VIBRANT way and I’m here for it. Prince JayJay teaches us that when you stay true to your truth and do what you love, you are unstoppable – what an inspiration! 1. Bonsoirrrr, I am superstar club kid, … More

Day 100: Hannah

To celebrate the 100 day’s of creative feminism we have a very exciting fem to share with you all (@handmade_by_hannah4). There’s so much I love about Hannah’s beautiful craft and practice – her enthusiasm for all things crafty, her courage to develop a new skill, her determination to teach herself an art form from scratch … More

Day 99: Millie Suu-Kyi

There’s so much I love and want to celebrate in today‘s creative feminist’s (@milliesuukyi) work. I am totally in awe of the creative, golden magic that runs out of Millie’s fingertips into her dancing, ceramics, drawing and I could go on… Millie’s ability to bounce off her own creativity and flip flop between different mediums … More

Day 98: Watson Vargras

Today’s creative feminist (@watsonvisuals_) uses his platform to raise awareness of how his fellow female photographers are taken for granted within the industry. Watson challenges this inequality within his work to show how female photographers rightfully deserve to shine and be equal (if not better) than their male counterparts. 1. My name is Watson Vargas, … More

Day 97: Jessica Kirkpatrick

Today’s creative feminist (@jesskirkpatrick_) creates the most gorgeous botanical and natural prints, yet with each print Jess makes she draws in and subsequently promotes a very important and necessary message: we need to save our natural world. 1. Hi everybody, I’m Jessica Kirkpatrick and I am a textile design graduate based in Lancashire. My work … More

Day 96: Freya Louella

Today’s creative feminist (@freyalouelladesign) teaches us an important lesson: the power of unity. Freya looks to our unity with nature, with ourselves and with one another as a defining attribute of creative feminism and this sense of simultaneous independence and connectivity is a beautiful way to read, see and celebrate this community! 1. Hello lovely … More

Day 95: Alyx

I am BEYOND excited that the day has finally come when I can celebrate today’s fabulous creative feminist (@alyxbyalyx). From her DREAMY single line drawings to her ever-so-chic fashion portraits, Alyx’s work is stamped with her signature funky style and I just love it! 1. I’m Alyx, a Fine Art graduate based in Norwich. My … More

Day 94: Alix Ann

Today’s creative feminist combines a love for character with a passion for nature and sustainability, which results in magical, earthly and organic costumes and textiles. 1. Hello, I’m Alix Ann (@alixanntextiles ) a textiles artist who specialises in costume textiles, prints and dyeing. 2. I obtained a first class degree in Costume and Textiles Design in … More


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