Day 93: Maddie Booth

Today’s creative feminist (@inthenude_art) works to dismantle social body norms in order to promote body positivity not only in the … More

Day 92: Gülistan Kaya

Today’s creative feminist (@gulstankaya) challenges gender stereotypes using various forms of nature as symbolism, which creates a striking, defiant and … More

Day 91: Adora Watson

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Day 90: Rosie

There is a wonderful sense of freedom, energy and fun in today’s creative feminist’s (@rosiedoesillustration) work and practice. Rosie follows … More

Day 89: Lauren Duddy

I commend today’s creative feminist (@laurenduddy) for the immense bravery, courage and insight she has. As to acknowledge, unpack and … More

Day 88: Daisy Mojave Holland

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Day 87: Joy Rooney

Today’s creative feminist (@joyrooneystudio) looks towards nature’s seasonal cycles for her inspiration and subject matter; resulting in gorgeous tones and … More

Day 86: Stuti Bajaj

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Day 85: Olivia Brearley

I absolutely adore how today’s creative feminist (@oliviabrearley) is inspired by the unique, foraged and found objects we decorate our … More

Day 84: Blanche Eden

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