Confetti Create X Creative Feminists

To kick off The Creative Feminists collaborations we have the one and only @confetti_create.

From the 10th July- 10th August 2020 you can purchase one of our limited edition friendship bracelets. Each bracelet costs £6, where £1 from each purchase will go towards Save The Children.

Olivia Lily Tinker X The Creative Feminists

For the second collaboration we have The Fruit of Life Collection with the incredible @olivialilytinker.

From the 9th August- 9th September 2020 you can purchase one of the beautiful pieces of artwork or ceramics. Each item is priced separately and available to buy via Olivia’s Etsy shop. 10% of each item bought will go towards Olivia’s chosen charity, which is Shelter.

Soop Aesthetics X The Creative Feminists

For the third collaboration we have The Creative Feminists inspired collection by the incredible @soopaesthetics.

From the 5th September- 5th October you can purchase earrings from the limited edition Creative Fems inspired collaboration collection. The collection is a true culmination of the community, celebrating the diversity and incredible creative talent of the fem fam! 10% of each item bought will go towards Holly’s chosen charity. Each pair of earrings are available to buy via Holly’s Etsy shop.

Sew By Line X The Creative Feminists

For the fourth collaboration we have teamed up with the warmest of souls @sewbyline to create The Period Pouch.

From the 5th October- 5th November you can purchase The Period Pouch made by Abbie from @sewbyline. Abbie has commissioned the most beautiful daisy print fabric from another creative feminist @ashleighdeannedesigns and together Abbie and I came up with the idea to create a super cute & handy sized sanitary drawstring bag, perfect for your pads, tampons and mooncups! Each period pouch costs £8 and 10% of each item bought will go towards Abbie’s chosen charity, which is Bloody Good Period.

The Creative Feminists Christmas Gift Guides

Whatever your budget, The Creative Feminists have got the perfect gifts for you with our £5, £10, £20 and £20+ price brackets so you can shop small and support our community this Christmas.

International Women’s Week Festival

Each day from Mon 8th March – Sun 14th March, Hannah teamed up with a different creative feminist for an inspirational takeover on The Creative Feminists Instagram page. The Creative Feminists will mark International Women’s Week with a series of takeovers, workshops, reels, IGTV Lives, visual essays & so much more!

Day 1: Claudia Hogg

I’m Claud ( and I have been lucky enough to work in the contemporary art world for a few years and I am so inspired by the artists around me making work everyday. This is why I decided to celebrate IWD by sharing a few of my favourite female contemporary artists creating work which makes a statement, stands up for intersectional feminism, and deserves to be heard and seen loud and proud!

Day 2: Lobeela Studio

Hello hello my name is Lucy and I’ve got some big news to share with you. I’m going to be taking part in the International Women’s Day week hosted by the lovely Hannah from The Creative Feminists. We are going to be talking all about Imposter Syndrome. So since I’ve been showing up for my brand and showing my face online it’s been really liberating but it’s also come with this difficulty of Imposter Syndrome taking over my brain sometimes. It’ll be Tuesday 9th March @ 7pm on The Creative Feminists.

Day 3: Maryam ElSharkawy

Hello! My name is Maryam ElSharkawy. I’m 23 years old. I am from Cairo, Egypt, and currently living there. I am a self-taught collagist. I will be discussing body image and race within my artwork today for International Women’s Week. Here is a selection of my artwork that explores the topics of body image and race.

Day 4: Kate Mary

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying this weeks celebration of International Women’s Day here on The Creative Feminists. I’m very excited and honoured to celebrate with this empowering community.
I’m @katemaryart, and for this years IWD I wanted to open up a topic that’s close to my heart and celebrate a few artiste from history that have been overshadowed by their partners. These are artists commonly known for being a ‘significant other’ rather than receiving the recognition and praise for being the artists and genius’ that they are.
Sadly, it’s no secret that the world of art has inequalities in representation in terms of gender, race, and privilege to name but a few. We are changing this and progress is being made, but we still have a long way to go. Art history has ignored female artists and contributions by women have been valued less highly, take Hilma AF Klimt for example. Today I want to celebrate a few of my favourite artists, who due to the patriarchy have been completely overshadowed by their husbands.
These are all artists, (except the last) that I personally have come to know through their partners. We all introduced to artists in different ways, so this is by no means definitive, it’s a personal take. However the distinct under-representation of female artists are in our galleries and institutions, needs to be continually challenged so that we can discover them for their own merit and see them through their work and not their love lives.

Day 5: Tiare Gatti Mora

Hello Creative Fem Fam, I’m Tiare and I’m going to be taking over The Creative Feminists today to show you some women who really inspire me at the moment. I work in independent journalism and I do political activism. So these women are related to these fields.

Day 6: Foraging Floristry

Today the wonderful Emily from Foraging Floristry is taking over stories to show us how to make a budget bouquet in honour of International Women’s Week! So if you need a little pick-me-up this weekend why not watch along, pop down to your local supermarket and create this perfect bouquet for yourself? Go on, you deserve it!

Day 7: The Tiny Tumbler

Today the inspirational Anjali has taken over The Creative Feminists stories in honour of International Women’s Week to show you a day in the life of a printmaker! She’s provided us tips, useful insight & some exciting activities & it really is just the most gorgeous watch! Please do watch our stories today for Anjali’s takeover & let her transport you into her creative day-to-day life!

International Women’s Week Charity Fundraising Raffle

The Creative Feminists are celebrating International Women’s Month by raising money for 3 very important charities: @womens_aid@southallblacksisters & @mindoutlgbtq. Raffle tickets were £3 each to win 1 of the 7 gorgeous prize bundles made up from our 21 amazing creative feminist donators. Together we have raised £650.30 for @womens_aid @southallblacksisters & @mindoutlgbtq with this charity fundraising raffle.